Erin's first New Zealand sewing date!

So, I guess I live in New Zealand now. That feels weird to say, but I'm working on it. 

I'll save my thoughts on that for another day (or maybe never), but I will say that I'm making new friends and they are all either animals, or ladies who sew. Moving to a new country, where I knew almost no one, you can imagine how excited I was to make a new human friend! 

This is Adrianne. She not only sews cool things, but she explains things to me that are not obvious to my Canadian brain. Today, she told me how to use area codes when making phone calls! And, this weekend, Adrianne and I got together for my first New Zealand sewing date. I'm still super sad about leaving my Bernina and my stash (and obviously my peeps) behind, but I'm working through it. We stayed indoors on a not-that-common Wellington sunny day this weekend and made Colette patterns' Moneta dresses.

Here's mine:

Moneta dress, version 2.

Moneta dress, version 2.

As you may recall, I already have a Moneta dress in my wardrobe (actually, it's in a box in my mother's basement). But, I think with cozy, knit dresses, you can always stand to have more. And, I had to leave most of my clothes behind when I left home, so I am running out of things to wear. Sad face. 

I decided to go with sleeves this time. But, since I'm never one to leave a pattern unmodified, I lengthened the sleeves by three inches. I could've gone for another half inch, I think. After looking at approximately one thousand Monetas online, I also decided to lengthen the skirt by six inches to go for more of a midi length. I'm really happy with the length. The fabric I used was some Marc Jacobs jersey that I got at The Fabric Store, and I basically want to sleep in it because it's so comfortable. I'm mostly kidding. (She's kidding, right?) You can read about Adrianne's Moneta on her blog

The ladies of Wellington have been kind enough to offer me their guest rooms, and invite me along to quilt guild meetings and even another sewing date next month. What's that thing about quilters having friends wherever they go?