The proof is in the pudding. Here are some samples of Erin's work.


Here's what people are saying about Erin's work...

"Erin Charter is a rare bird in the world of communications, and in the 25+ years I have spent working as a graphic designer (both for myself and in the design studio & agency world) I have met very few who are as good on all sides of fence. Billing herself as a writer (and a very good one), she is SO much more. Erin possesses an excellent and decisive artistic eye combined with an as-excellent set of interpersonal and organizational skills for getting the job done—on time. A great communicator, I have seen her wrangle many a team or project under many a stressful set of circumstances in a manner that is both clear, direct and calm-under-pressure. Did i mention she's a great writer? Not only is she able to keenly craft the message, she then stays on-message and keeps the message clear—both in how she directs the evolution of the art to flow with how she tells a story. If all this wasn't enough, she is very fun AND funny, which, when the hours on a project are long, counts for a whole lot in my books. I could simply not be more delighted in recommending Erin and her near-overload of communication gifts."

-Shauna Rae, Graphic Designer

"Erin has a unique voice that is engaging and never dry. She has also proven to be quite versatile as a writer. She can write about many different subjects and issues, and for various media. 

She is skilled at managing many stakeholders and keeping track of the details, she also comes with an exceptional design eye. Her creative touch has ensured that our print and web publications are innovative and attractive, often on a tight deadline. 

But most importantly, Erin always has her client's best interests at heart and does her best to deliver quality work, no matter what!"

-Stephanie Kohls, Communications Director at Environmental Defence